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Bible Books was created with one simple purpose in mind - to help people learn the names and order of the books of the Bible and have fun while doing it!


Have you ever been at church or in a bible study and found yourself embarrassed to be the last one thumbing through the pages of the Bible to locate a specific book or scripture?  Maybe you just don't like having to consult with the index to know which page to turn to!  Maybe you are looking for a good way to teach your children the books of the Bible or you just want to become more familiar with the Bible yourself.  If so, then Bible Books is for you.



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Bible Books is a fun and easy game that uses several memorization techniques to help you learn the names and order of the books of the bible - techniques used include:

  • Different learning styles including visual, auditory, and tactile
  • Mnemonics / association
  • Visual story lines / word pictures
  • Building blocks (start with small groups and build)
  • Practice / Repetition
  • Competition
  • Less stress, more fun!

The objective of the game is to place the bible books in the correct sequential order (as they appear in the Bible).  Each bible book is represented by a colored “tile” containing the book name.  Drag the tiles to put them in the correct order.  A tile turns green when in the correct order.   When a puzzle is solved each tile is "popped" and the name of the book is spoken.


PRACTICE MODE is a great place to start learning the books of the Bible.  You can take your time solving the puzzles and learning the different categories of books.  Memorization aids provided in practice mode (use "brain" icon) will give you mnemonics and a visual story line that will greatly aid in memorizing the correct order of books.


GAME MODE is a fun way to test what you have learned or to periodically refresh your memory.  You will have a time limit to solve each puzzle and a score is kept so you can challenge yourself or compete with family and friends.


LEVELS - There are seven different levels, designed for beginners to experts.  If you are just learning, start at level 1.  If you know the bible pretty well but need to brush up on the Old Testament prophets, use level 4.  If you are an expert, try your skills out on levels 6 and 7.


Bible Books includes the 66 books of the Bible (39 Old Testament and 27 New Testament).